Those are my archives pictures... I mostly photographed fashion dools, my Silkstones dolls, Fashion royalty dolls, sybarite doll, Innoquii dolls, some Gene and Toner dolls too.....

mercredi 22 avril 2015

Mixed dolls - Le tailleur Bar de Dior

"Le Tailleur Bar de Dior"
Fashion Royalty and silkstone dolls
Photosérie juillet 2010

Adèle Makeda The Muse by Nylonbleu

Eugénia Face Time by Nylonbleu

Silkstone Fashion Designer by Nylonbleu

Poppy Parker Pillow Talk by Nylonbleu

Dania Zarr the Interview by Nylonbleu

Silkstone Tea and Savories by Nylonbleu

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